About Us

Dr. Bryan and his staff take the time to get to know you and find out what your dreams are. How do you picture your smile? How do you picture yourself? It’s our goal to help make that dream come true just like we’ve done for our other patients.

You’ll find most oral surgery offices staffed with dental assistants. Because Dr. Bryan is committed to providing you with an exceptional level of care, Dr. Bryan’s office is staffed by registered nurses and licensed nurse practitioners. The expertise and years of experience they provide have helped our patients achieve even more positive outcomes. Dr. Bryan can help your smile last a lifetime.

A doctor who listens

As an oral and maxillofacial surgeon, Dr. Bryan’s talents don’t just lie in his hands. He’s also a great listener who takes the time to address all your questions and concerns. His detailed explanations help to better inform you about all the options available to you for treatment. You’ll never be left wondering. All you have to do is ask.

Supporting Detroit Healthcare

As a graduate of some of Michigan’s finest medical institutions, Dr. Bryan has remained faithful to the community that helped shape his professional career and lifelong purpose. Affiliated with some of Detroit’s most prestigious medical facilities, including St. John Hospital and Medical Center, the Detroit Medical Center, Beaumont Hospital-Grosse Pointe, and Henry Ford Healthcare System, Dr. Bryan has been giving back to the community for over 25 years. His commitment to the community and to his patients is just one reason why more local dentists refer their patients to him. They trust him. Their patients trust him. You can trust him.

Working together for the future of dentistry

The PEARL Network (Practioners Engaged in Applied Research and Learning) is a National Institute of Health-sponsored network of private practice dentists who conduct clinical trials in the course of routine patient care. Dr. Bryan’s office has been participating since it was initially launched in 2005 and participates in studies including Analgesic use and effectiveness and Osteonecrosis of the jaw.

A family tradition

“I come from a family of doctors. My father, my uncle, my brother and my cousins are all physicians. I’ve always been surrounded by people who made caring for other people their profession and their passion. Witnessing the impact my father and my uncle have made on people’s lives made a deep impression on me. I grew up knowing that I wanted to make that kind of impact. There really isn’t anything else I’d rather be doing – and I think my patients know that and feel that. That’s why they keep coming back.”

Joining our family

“I’ve learned firsthand from my own family just how important it is to make people feel special. Good medicine isn’t just about the latest technology or the most effective techniques. It’s really about establishing a relationship. On some level, we’ve got to learn to trust each other – or the results can end up less than satisfactory. That’s why my staff and I go out of our way to welcome everyone into our family. That’s the type of environment we have here. We want you to feel you’re at home. Some of my patients just stop by to say hello. And sometimes I think that just might be the best medicine of all.”

Beyond wisdom teeth

“I love that I can give my patients cosmetic options. I don’t want them to feel limited when it comes to making them feel good about themselves, and I don’t want to feel limited when it comes to helping them. That’s why I safely perform procedures like dental implants. My patients not only trust me with their smile, they trust me with their image. And that’s something that I value deeply. After all, it really is all about you.”