L-PRF is a bioactive “band-aid” that is created from your own blood and then placed in your surgery sites to promote healing. L-PRF is used in many different surgical procedures including; tooth extraction sockets, dental implants, bone graft surgery and used to create membranes.

When placed in surgery sites, L-PRF releases your body’s own natural healing proteins, creating a more efficient network for cells to enhance the healing process.

The L-PRF is made from a small amount of blood that is collected from the patient. Which will create an advanced bioactive compound that will boost the healing forces within your own blood to improve your healing. The therapy is 100% natural and additive free. Even the tubes that are used to separate your blood are chemical free. Natural growth factors present in your body are concentrated using L-PRF. As a result, your own body releases healing proteins, and creates a scaffold for healing.

L-PRF platelet rich treatments do the following:

  1. Occupy space in bony holes (tooth extractions sites, implant surgical sites) to prevent gum tissue from growing into the holes.
  2. Prevent infection with a lot of white blood cells in PRF
  3. Provide bone growth factors such as BMP (bone morphogenic protein) which promote rapid growth of high quality new bone tissue.

Advantages of Platelet Rich Fibrin used in dental treatments:

  • Faster implant healing and wisdom tooth removal recovery
  • Reduced inflammation and pain after surgery
  • L-PRF promotes less swelling before and after implant surgery
  • Improved quality of bone osseointergration around implants
  • Increased bone grafting success
  • L-PRF reduces dry socket and bone pathology after wisdom teeth extractions
  • Increase blood supply to extraction socket
  • Improves success in difficult surgical sites
  • L-PRF is the BEST sinus lift grafting material



Frequently asked Questions:

What is Platelet Fibrin Therapy?

  • Platelet Fibrin Therapy uses L-PRF clots to promote healing.

Are there any side effects or complications from L-PRF?

  • L-PRF reduces the risk of side effects because your own concentrated platelets are re-introduced at the site of surgery.

What types of conditions are treated with L-PRF?

  • Currently L-PRF is used for many procedures, including dental implants, bone defects, extraction sockets, sinus and ridge augmentation, hair growth and wound healing.

Is L-PRF painful?

  • It is as painless as a routine blood draw.